Where Can I Find...?

Helpful links for Parents and Students


Where you buy my music:


Everything for Piano Safari comes from this website:

Or there’s always Sheet Music Plus

<— Use my referral link

Everything for Piano Pronto comes from this website:

Everything else is likely from Prima Music: 


Stuff to Help My Kid Practice

THe Practice Shoppe

THe Practice Shoppe

Use these to help with good practice, not just longer practices

This is a simple, no frills website to practice theory skills like dictation and ear training that are hard to do on your own. 

This is where I get a lot of my practice charts

This is the Metronome App I use. It needs no permissions! 


Someone to tune my piano. My kids keep saying it sounds weird. 

Let me help you with that! I tune pianos and can even help you select the best one for your family if you are looking for something new.