Studio Policies


Lessons will take place year long with exception of major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, and 4th of July) and scheduled breaks during the summer. Recitals are held approximately bi-annually.

*There are many federal holidays on Monday’s (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, etc.), however lessons will still take place. If you plan on being away for one of these, make sure to let me know!



Payment is due monthly on the first lesson of the month and accounts for the number of lessons planned for the month. Any excused absences or teacher absences will be credited toward the following month. Checks can be made out to Julia Browne. Any other expenses (books, etc) will be discussed in advance.   


Missed Lessons/ Cancellations:

In the case of a missed lesson, you will not be charged for the lesson if you notify me before NOON the day of the lesson. Any cancellations later than noon on the day of the lesson will result in a charge of the usual lesson fee. If your student is sick enough to miss school, please keep them home from lessons and notify me! Even a simple text message is sufficient.

Contact information for Cancellations:

phone or text: 908-698-2680


I do not teach make-up lessons. However, if the interruption is an ongoing one (such as sports, etc) we can attempt to find another temporary lesson time to avoid multiple absences.


Purchasing Books/ Materials:

You will receive advance notice when your student needs new books. I will then purchase all books for your student (using a teacher discount which I will pass on to you) and give you an invoice for the cost. Typically I only ask students to buy a set of books once or twice a year. If this is a problem, please let me know.


Lesson- time Etiquette:

Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in my living room during lessons, however please be respectful of your student and other students by remaining quiet and conducting any conversations outside. I have lessons scheduled back to back, so please be prompt about your arrival and departure. 



Expectations of Teaching Environment (For in- home lessons):

In home lessons come with different challenges than studio based lessons. I understand that you cannot stop all activity in your home for piano lessons, and may not have a separate room for lessons. However, I do expect the following:

1. A parent must be home during lessons. Some exemptions may be made, but you must talk to me in advance. This is for your child's safety and mine.

2. Quiet, uninterrupted lessons. Respect the concentration of your student by being as quiet as possible, and restricting as much movement within sight the teaching area as possible.

3. An orderly learning space with a teaching chair available

4. A reasonable instrument. It is in your child's best interest to have a full sized piano that is tuned regularly. If this is not possible at the moment, please make it a goal for the future. Please let me know if you need help acquiring one.

Last Revised September 2016