About the Studio

Julia teaches out of a home studio in Newportville, PA. She focuses on reading music, technique, theory, and practical piano skills that can be used for life. She caters her method selection and music selection to each student but does have her favorites.  Julia has a classical background so she tries to get her students out of method books and into classical repertoire as soon as possible. She also loves jazz and discovering new composers. Lessons are never boring with games, duets, and the occasional competition for a prize.



But Why Browne Piano?


So far that sounds just like every other teacher's pitch, right? Lessons, practice incentives, music is good for your brain...

Julia recognizes that the majority of people who start piano lessons don't want to be concert pianists!

Instead she teaches with a goal of life-long piano in mind, focusing on ways that piano can be incorporated in daily life, way after student's lesson days and recital days are over. Playing with people, playing for services, and playing for fun are ways that people can enjoy piano for a lifetime. This is why she emphasizes accompanying, sight reading, and finding music your child loves. And if your child does decide to become a concert pianist, or go on to be a music major, they will be well prepared for that as well. 

Julia also loves theory and seeing the framework of how music is put together. For many musicians this is not a strength, but she thoroughly enjoys teaching theory to every student. 


What's Happening this Year?

This year Julia is focusing on incorporating more group lessons into her teaching year. She wants her students to have several chances to play for their peers, working on performance techniques and practice techniques together. Group lessons also always involve theory games and learning more about how pianos work. 




What Books will she prefer for your student? 



Piano Safari and Celebrate Piano are two favorites for beginners. You can read why by clicking on the images below.


For more advanced students, Julia will meet them where they are and take them further following their individual interests. Some of books she uses frequently are: Journey through the Classics, Piano Pronto, the Piano Celebration Series, Dozen a Day, and many others. 

For Adult Students:

Adult students are welcome in the studio as well. Julia uses a variety of materials combining solid technique and reading comprehension with the musical styles her students are interested in learning. Often this includes Piano Safari technique books, Faber's Adult All in One, and many individual pieces from Piano Pronto and the Composers Community


If you would like more information on joining this studio, please contact Julia and schedule your free trial lesson today!