Introducing Julia Browne

 Julia began piano lessons when she was six because her brother was doing it too. Over the years she moved a lot and had many teachers, but never quit taking lessons or playing piano.  Her love of piano led her to earn a Bachelor of Music in Piano/Church Music from Cairn University, as well as a Bachelor of Bible. 

Julia now works as a pianist, teacher, and technician, but her favorite is her work as a collaborative pianist. She started out by accompanying her brother, and eventually moved on to church services, jazz bands, choirs, weddings, and also accompanying other instrumentalists and soloists. She has played flute, violin, and saxophone repertoire, along with a healthy dose of chorale works, musical theater, and cantatas. Her most far-flung work was accompanying the Cairn University Chorale's tour in Poland.

Until just recently she accompanied the New Hope-Solebury & Lambertville Community Choir.

Now she plays at her church and occasionally works with students at Cairn University, accompanying lessons or classes.

If you need a pianist for an event, please use the contact form.  She plays for weddings, funerals, church services, and other commemorative events.  


Planning a Wedding? 

Julia's written a guide to help you! And if you need a pianist, Julia can play anything listed on these music lists. 

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