Limited Time Offer- $50 Tuning!

So, remember that time I said I was ready to tune and wanted to tune 25 pianos in 2014? 

Well, you can read about it here:


Anyway, to date, I have tuned 1 piano (other than my own). And it is already the middle of June! (Granted, I took a bit of a break. Something about having a kid.) 

So here's the deal.

To help us both out, I am offering a limited time, ABSURDLY inexpensive tuning.

That's right. For one month, and only one month, you can have your piano tuned for $50. Go ahead. Shop around. That's a REALLY good deal. 

You have no excuses not to call or email.

Maybe you don't normally have  your piano tuned in July.

Don't worry. It won't hurt to have it done again. Tuning are GOOD for your piano. 

Maybe you only get it tuned once a year because it is too expensive.

There's no better deal than this!! Unless you somehow get one for free.

Maybe you already have a tuning guy, and you feel badly about hiring someone else.

I'm glad you are sticking up for your guy!  

But here's an idea- let me tune it once. You'll get one tuning that is cheaper, I'll get more experience. Afterward you can go back to your other guy, no hard feelings.

Maybe you've never had your piano tuned and keep putting it off longer because all the technicians say it will cost extra.

Do you see that price?!

Contact me and I'll tell you about pianos that haven't been tuned for a really long time and what I can do for you. Not having your piano tuned is bad for the piano and bad for you.

Maybe you don't live in PA. 

Move? Fly me out?

Actually, if you live in Maine, I'll be headed that way in August. Mark your calendars and watch for news about services coming your way. 

Hurry! Schedule your tuning today because this only applies tunings done DURING the month of JULY.