Making a Music Whiteboard

I made this whiteboard a little while ago for my students (based on a blog post from about learning notes on the staff). The letters are magnets with sticky cardstock (yep, that's a thing. No more glue!) I used stamps to make the letters since my handwriting isn't always that neat.

I drew the lines on with permanent marker and hoped for the best. Well, about two months later, this is how it looks: 

The lines disappeared little by little as the white board markers went over the permanent marker lines. So I went to Staples to try a new solution. Art tape:

(AKA white board tape)

I just applied this over my existing lines...

It is slightly raised, so I hope it doesn't ruin my markers. But since I can't find a white board like this (magnetic, small enough to fit in a messenger bag, with staff lines...) I guess I can buy new markers when I need to do so.

And here is my new board in use!

Ready for more student ab... use!!

And if you are wondering if you should make one too, I'd say ABSOLUTELY! 

Since I teach in several different locations, I have to take all my materials with me. This cuts down on photocopying staff paper just for little exercises,  makes playing games easier, and allows students to practice writing notes, and so much more. Plus, it is the perfect size to stick in my messenger bag.