Counting to 100: #17

Welcome to the Counting to 100 Pianos series. I am blogging my way through my first 100 tunings. For previous pianos, check out these:

Piano #17 is a piano I am very familiar with, but unfortunately, I don't think I wrote down a single note about it. You see, this is the piano I grew up playing. My parents got it sometimes when I was in late middle school, from the elementary school down the street. It still bears the marks of many small children abusing it daily. But it sure beat our electric keyboard with a buzz in the speakers, so we gladly took it home, and put it in our "piano room" and called a tuner. It wasn't in too bad of shape to tune and played decently. He had to replace one of the higher strings and it sounded a little funny for months until it finally adjusted. The technician came out several times to re-tune it and stretch it more. 

The last time I went up for a summer tuning extravaganza in Maine, I fully intended to tune my parent's piano too. But I didn't get too far. I was slow, and to be honest, I didn't have the same motivation with family. (I say this as my piano sits in the living room, badly in need of a tuning). So, I tuned the middle (the section technicians start with) and left it at that. It didn't sound great. But for whatever reason, it didn't sound horrible. 

This year, I tried to do a proper tuning during nap time. I figured my kid's nap is usually 1 1/2 hours, so I could get the majority done if I was fast and got everything set up before he went to sleep. He was upstairs with a super loud fan, I was downstairs and would try to be quiet. Well, this kid LOVES the piano, and does not like to sleep through anything, even piano tunings, so 45 min later he was awake. Luckily my folks took him outside while I finished as fast as I could. This piano really needed to be tuned, and probably could have used more work, but I did as much as I could, before my kid decided he REALLY had to come inside and see me. 

Moral of this story? Don't tune a piano during nap time.