Headshots Matter...

I taught a new student today, age 5. It was her very first lesson ever. And she chose me for her teacher by my picture on the studio's website.

Head shots matter, but not always in the way you might think.

When you are a professional performer, you need professional pictures. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of performing, but I do love accompanying, so my picture winds up in programs.

I also teach at two studios. Each has a website with pictures of their teachers and bios. So my picture wound up there as well.

But the picture I've used for these things so far was this one: 

And this is the picture she like so much.

I'm glad she did. I actually didn't originally take that picture for head shot purposes.  It was a gift for my then boyfriend, so that he could carry a picture of my in his wallet. But it's been used since then for a lot of different things.

When I started building my own website, I figured I should get some pictures that weren't blurry and hastily done with a cheap camera, so I hired a photographer friend to take some pictures. Here are my new head shots (that haven't made it onto the studio's website yet):

My friend took some great ones! You can see her stuff at 


 If you were 5 and picking your very first piano teacher, would you still choose me?