The New Hope - Solebury and Lambertville Community Choir

Two years ago I took a job accompanying a community choir as it just started out in it's first season.

I didn't know the community, let alone where the town was, but  I love collaborative piano work more than pretty much any other work. I jumped at the opportunity and that's how I wound up driving half an hour into farm lands and over hills to meet in the back room of a restaurant, where I tickled the plastic keys of a five octave keyboard. 

Now the choir and I are coming to the end of year two. One child and three months of maternity leave later for me, and a location move later for them, the we are still going strong and preparing for our final concert in two weeks. This past year several choir members took time to visit nursing homes and retirement communities, sharing music and doing concerts. Everyone involved loved it so much, they decided to keep doing it. 

But funding. 


It's always the issue, isn't it? Nothing is ever free. Not my services to a start-up choir, nor kind-hearted sharing of music.  

So, there's an indiegogo campaign

If you are interested in helping them, er...


really, take a look. You'd help pay my salary and make people in retirement communities a little bit more joyful.

I'm a little late in posting this so you have SIX DAYS if you are interested. 

Or, come to our concert! Come see the rolling farm lands of Pennsylvania, and the quaint towns, and the people who love to sing so much they give up their Tuesday nights for months and now want to show off.