A New Year, A New Perspective

Remember my grand goals of 2014? I wrote about it here: Ready, Set, Tune! I'll summarize it for you- tune 25 pianos, buy an Accutuner, tune those 25 pianos again. I knew I was being ambitious, but I didn't know how ambitious until after this guy came (disclaimer: this is a recent photo). 

With teaching, accompanying, and a newborn, I just didn't have the drive to advertise and find 25 new clients.  When I chose the number 25, I didn't even stop to calculate how many tunings that would be per month for 9 months. I just picked a number that would get me to having enough money for a top of the line tuner. 

I obviously did not reach my goals. But I did do a number of tunings, and have a slowly (very slowly) growing client base. And I think that is ok. I'd still like to get an Accu Tuner as I think it could help me a lot in honing my skills. However, I've come to consider buying an older, refurbished model instead of the top of the line model. 

So as we enter 2015, here are my tuning goals.

My much more reasonable tuning goals:

Tune 2 pianos a month.

This may sound like a really low number, but I've come to realize that right now, that is about all I can manage. And that is ok with me. If I have more interest and wind up tuning more, wonderful! But this would be a great base number for me.

Select and purchase an Accu Tuner

I already have some money set aside for this from last year, so I definitely think this is an attainable goal this year. 

Get my Diploma from Randy Potter

I finished the course a year ago, really. But I have yet to get back all my paperwork. Some of this is my fault because I've never called about it. However, I'd really like to have all that tied up and done for good. 

That's it. No lofty plans, just reasonable ones that hopefully I will be able to keep to this time. 

If you'd like to help (ie: want your piano tuned), give me a call or email, and I'd be happy to make it happen!