Counting to 100: #16

Welcome to the Counting to 100 Pianos series. I am blogging my way through my first 100 tunings. For previous pianos, check out these:

Tuning #16 was a Colonial Piano Co. Player Piano.  I tried researching the piano and was only able to find that it was a somewhat popular company based out of Boston in the 1900's. The particular piano I tuned was likely made between 1910 and 1920. But the most interesting part is that this piano used to be a player piano. There are extra pedals and pieces inside that make it evident there was once scroll work inside, but that is long gone. I have not done much work on player pianos, but I hope one day I get to see one that is intact!

This piano also had one key that was not playing. When I looked inside it was easy to find the part that had popped out. I was eventually able to push the piece back in place with a long screwdriver, and did not have to take the whole key out to glue it. You'll find most tuners have simple tools like screwdrivers and pliers in their kits. One thing I have learned along the way is that pianos are not as delicate as you might think. Sometime they just need some well-placed force to fix something. The key is "well-placed" so please don't take a screwdriver to your own piano!