The End of Year 3: NHS&LCC

The New Hope- Solebury & Lambertville Community Choir (NHS&LCC) is wrapping up it's third year of existence! I've been there since the very beginning, in a restaurant playing a tiny keyboard, with a group of people trying to see their music in dim restaurant light.

But we've come a long way, folks. Now we meet in a church, with a piano that even got tuned last month. I have been with the choir long enough to hear a difference in sound and capabilities. It is cool that we have come so far in only 3 years! We are performing a piece this year that we have tried to learn for several concerts and just never really made it until now. Just like anything in music, it takes time to make progress. Most little kids sitting on a piano bench are not going to be winning awards in 6 months. But give them a few years of piano lessons, they will have a skill for life! 

Anyway, our end of season concert is coming, and you are all invited!

Just a note: we are performing a new work by an area composer and lyricist.

We are also performing this Requiem, which was written in the wake  of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. (This isn't us, but just a look at the cool stuff we are singing!)