Counting to 100: # 11

Welcome to the Counting to 100 Pianos series. I am blogging my way through my first 100 tunings. For previous pianos, check out these:

Piano: Otto Altenberg (Everette Piano Company)

Remember the first pitch raise I did? Well, here it is again, as tuning # 11. Usually technicians will encourage you to get your piano tuned at least 2 times a year. This is due to changing weather and humidity and it's effects on tuning. If the circumstances are right (or wrong, I suppose), you'll want to get the piano tuned more often. Since I did a pitch raise last time, I knew this piano would go out of tune more quickly than normal. So I scheduled a tuning four months later, instead of the usual six. I went in fully expecting to have to do another pitch raise. Much to my surprise, I actually did my fastest tuning yet! (Just under 2 hours!) I was really glad to see my pitch raise had done it's job the first time.