Counting to 100: # 10

Welcome to the Counting to 100 Pianos series. I am blogging my way through my first 100 tunings. For previous pianos, check out these:

For tuning # 10, I headed to a friend's apartment. We went to school together and she had given me a call asking me to come tune her piano. So far all of my tunings have been for friends, family, or friends of friends, which is a nice way to start out. 

Piano: Kranich & Bach Upright

Although I had never heard of this brand, the Blue Book of Pianos has nothing but high praise for this maker (who once upon a time was apparently a really good company):

One of the oldest, most noted and prominent firms in the piano industry, which, for nearly a century has enjoyed the highest reputation. This business was established in 1864 by Helmuth Kranich and Jacques Bach, both practical piano makers of tried experience. The firm soon became known as makers of distinction, and almost from the start Their instruments have been regarded as among the most reliable made. In 1873 Messrs Kraaich & Bach moved its factories and warerooms to East Twenty-third Street, New York. In 1890 the business was incorporated. This company prides itself upon the fact that it possesses what is considered one of the most complete and up-to-date piano manufacturing plants in the country, equipped with the finest machinery and most modern appliances. They belong to the very small group of famous makers whose pianos are among the highest class made in the world.       Source

However this piano is another that was built between the 1960's and 1970's. It doesn't sound so grand now as it may have one day, but age will do that to most pianos.

The ideal, at least for me, tuning situation involves no noise. No kids, no AC, no leaf blowers, no talking, no construction outside... Now, I know that this is pretty much impossible (minus the leaf blower), so I am learning to work through noise. This time it was a fish tank. You can't exactly ask someone to turn off their fish tank so you can tune their piano.  I'll just have to add it to the growing list of things I have tuned through... Other than that it was a pretty standard tuning.