Counting to 100: #2

Welcome back to my Counting to 100 Pianos series, documenting my first 100 tunings. Some of these are a look back as I get up to date, but I'll get to more recent ones soon. In case you missed it, here's a look back at #1: Creative Arts Night


The second piano I tuned was for a friend in Philly back in January. It had been in the works for months, but after piano #1 I was determined to finish the course before I took on anything else over my head. Thankfully, she waited patiently while I finished and when I was ready, we did a trade- she cut my hair, and I tuned her piano for a discount.

Going into it, I was worried. Would it take me forever? Would I have the stamina to finish at 8 months pregnant? Would she be happy with it? It was scary, but wonderful to be tuning for a friend who was perfectly willing to be my guinea pig. I tuned the piano in a little over 3 hours (including a lunch break), which in my mind was perfect. I can handle a 3 hour tuning! Not so long that I would go crazy with the concentrated listening.

When I finished I played it a little, and I have to say, I was happy with my work. It sounded good! We talked through some of the other things wrong with the piano and the possibility  of fixing them down the road, but for the time being I was focusing just on tuning. Since then I have tuned one other similar piano with similar problems (see Piano #7), and I am considering going back and working through the regulating part of my coursework again so that I can offer a solution the next time I see either piano.   

8/23/2014:  I looked up the piano to see if I could find any information on it: year, etc. It is a Lenox (or Lennox) piano, which was built by  the Lauter Piano Company of Newark, New Jersey. There are no accurate records left to know what it was built, but they used to build good quality pianos and player pianos. If you are interested in knowing more check out this link: