Rings and Finger Numbers- Games for Preschoolers

I've recently started teaching a preschool student, which is a new age for me. I've had a few 5 year-olds, but none younger. I discovered pretty quickly that my favorite curriculum for young beginners just was not going to work in this case because the concepts moved to fast and demanded too much from little hands still working on those fine motor skills. So after some research I decided to use

Anne Crosby Gaudet's "Music Discoveries

" with my student. After all, why reinvent the wheel when there are great free resources out there?  

The songs and concepts progress really slowly and have plenty of worksheets to send home to reinforce concepts. I found that I am still have to make up games to fill up the lesson time. Keeping short attention spans occupied for half an hour necessitates lots of short activities! One worksheet in "Music Discoveries" has a page of hands with rings on a finger of each hand. The students has to color the hands according whether they are left or right hands, and then write the finger number corresponding to the ring on each hand. 

To go along with this coloring page, I decided to play a game with rings and dice. Most little girls love playing with rings! 

Rings on Fingers

How to Play: 

1. Choose two different colored dice and some rings (I used red and blue dice, the same colors she was asked to color the hands on her worksheet so that we could work on both hands at once.)

2. Identify which dice color is for which hand

3. Roll dice and take turns placing rings on the other person's hand. Make sure the dice number and color match the hand and finger.

If you roll a 6, pick a finger and identify it. 

It's that easy, but my student loved it!