Ready, Set, Tune!

The time has finally come.

 I am ready to tune pianos for YOU! That's right. I finished all my paperwork, sent in all my recordings, practiced a lot, read all my books, watched all the videos, and now am just waiting for approval of all my work and for a diploma to prove it.*


My goal for 2014 is tune enough pianos to buy an Accu-Tuner 

(a fancy electronic tuning and pitch device designed specifically for pianos... using something like a guitar tuner really doesn't work)


Why would I need an Accu-Tuner when I learned aural tuning?  

It is a good way for an aural tuner like me to check my work, to help train my ear on the trickier sections that are hard to hear, to keep going when the AC or heat turns on, and to simply make me a faster tuner. 



So here's the plan for 2014: 




Tune 25 pianos


Purchase Accu-Tuner (with earnings from 25 pianos)


Tune those same 25 pianos again with Accu- Tuner 

(at a discount, because they helped me buy it)!


And then...

Keep tuning pianos and practicing repairs by trying some of them on my own piano first. 


Do you want to get in on that first 25 action? Contact me and set up a tuning: 

(or if you don't love email like me: 908-698-2680)


A standard tuning is $75.

(If you have had your piano tuned regularly -at least once a year- 

you will likely only need a standard tuning.) 


And unless you want to wait until April or later, contact me soon!




*Disclaimer: This doesn't mean that I am a speedy and perfectly accurate tuner, that I can answer all your questions, or fix all your problems. It DOES mean, I am perfectly capable of tuning your piano in a reasonable amount of time, have the resources to look up answers to your questions, and am fixing problems on my piano to know how to fix problems on yours.